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Tyvek® Tags it Best for Crawfish Farmers

When a customer who supplies burlap bags to crawfish growers in the Southern US stopped buying Tyvek® tags from Allen-Bailey Tag & Label, the reason was they had switched to a competing film material they thought performed better.  The material did perform well for them until they started fastening them to the burlap bags in which they shipped the crawfish.

As easy as the tags slipped onto the diamond deadlock hooks used to the fasten the tags to the bags, they slipped off.  That created real problems for the crawfish farmers.  As a result, the bag supplier came back to Allen-Bailey and wanted Tyvek® tags again with the standard red fiber patch. The patch prevents the tag from slipping off the deadlock hook.  As a result, the Tyvek® tags stayed on the bags and the crawfish suppliers were happy once again.
Allen-Bailey Tag & Label, a leader in the Tag & Label industry since 1911, provides shellfish growers nationwide with custom printed shipper and harvester shellfish tags made of DuPont™ Tyvek®.  According to Richard Phelps, Jr., Partner & Director of Marketing, Allen Bailey, “Our customer found out what we have known for decades. Tyvek® tags withstand weather and handling best.  This same customer recently asked us if we'd like to buy their stock of 800 thousand tags made from that competing film product.  We politely declined.”

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