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I’m familiar with the attributes of Tyvek®, including the fact that it is recyclable.  Why did DuPont partner with Waste Management to provide another way to recycle?

DuPont and our direct customers have recycled pre-consumer scrap Tyvek® from manufacturing processes for more than 25 years. DuPont has promoted the recycling of Tyvek® as the most preferred means of disposal.  However, the vast majority of consumer materials that are recycled today go through individual municipalities – each having with vast differences in their facilities, the way they operate and how they determine what actually ends up getting recycled and what doesn’t and ends up in a landfill.  In fact, estimated U.S. statistics have shown that only 7% of plastics are recycled; with 75% being landfilled and 15% used in energy recovery.  The 7% that makes it into the recycling stream is usually the easily identifiable items such as plastic water and drink containers.  (Data Source: EPA Report,  “Municipal Solid Waste Generation, Recycling, and Disposal in the United States:Facts and Figures for 2008.”)

Through an alliance with Waste Management, we’ve created a national ship-back recycling program for Tyvek® that not only ensures that the material will be recycled and be repurposed into a second useful life, but also provides the means of tracking and reporting exactly how much gets recycled.  In short, DuPont and its partners in the value chain are taking responsibility for the recycling process by utilizing this simple mail-back program to create better options for reuse.

Please click here for more information about the DuPont™ Tyvek® recycling program with Waste Management.

Annette Kim is North American Marketing Manager, DuPont Graphics.  She invites you to email your questions and comments to her at

The image below will be used on printed materials to let consumers know they will be recycled.