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DuPont Introduces Authorized Printer Network at GlobalShop

At GlobalShop, the world’s largest annual event for retail design and shopper marketing, DuPont unveiled a family of Tyvek® print media under the new Life Cycle Based Solutions platform featuring Tyvek® Vivia™ media for wide-format banners; window and door messaging; interior and exterior displays; hanging banners; fixture signage; textured and layered display elements; and alternative media for promotional items such as bags, labels and vests.

Through a program designed by DuPont with Waste Management and Northstar Recycling Group, retailers can measure and track the impact of their recycling efforts and actually report the results. Each printer in the network assists the retailer in setting up their recycling program. Once recycled, Tyvek® retail materials have a second life, repurposed for products such as playground equipment, landscaping materials, corrugated pipes, and park benches.

At the trade show, DuPont also announced the Authorized Printer Network, which is comprised of printers who excel in providing in-store and wide-format print solutions to retailers. Each printer has met strict criteria for quality, testing, training and sustainability compliance. These printers can speak to all aspects of a retail campaign – from the design of truly inspired retail solutions on a variety of Tyvek® styles appropriate for messaging, texturing and layering – to the end-of-use recycling option that best fits the needs of individual retailers.

“The printers in this network have met stringent criteria and are experts who can fine-tune print on any type of product in the Tyvek® portfolio,” said Doug Kohn, vice president of sales and product development at Material Concepts, Inc. (MCI), a master distributor located in Philadelphia. “DuPont is really going the extra mile to support these printers in their efforts to meet the needs of their retail customers.”

Coloredge of New York and Los Angeles is one of the printers in the Authorized Printer Network that is providing creative graphic solutions and final print products to retailers using Tyvek® Vivia™ to complement or replace vinyl and paper products and is also promoting the DuPont Life Cycle Based Solutions program as a sustainable solution to its customers.

“We are always looking to bring innovation in products and services to our customers and now with the Life Cycle Based Solutions program, we are one of the select vendors in our space to provide innovative sustainability solutions,” said Brian Fagan, sales director at Coloredge. “Our retail customers will now be able to confidently communicate and promote to their customers and employees that they have a sustainable solution for graphics.”

“DuPont has been very supportive to us in promoting the Life Cycle Based Solutions program,” continued Fagan. “They really are a great partner, and we are extremely excited to be a part of the Authorized Printer Network.”