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Tyvek Graphics

The DuPont™ LifeCycle Solutions for Tyvek® graphics and print media offers our customers not only recycling options but also “closes the loop” with tracking and reporting capabilities through its recycling programs with Waste Management and Northstar Recycling.  Retailers can measure and track the impact of their recycling effort, providing a differentiating position for customers competing in an increasingly environmentally concerned marketplace.

Once recycled, the Tyvek® items will have a second life, repurposed for products such as playground equipment, landscaping materials, corrugated pipes and park benches, to name a few.

Talk to your LifeCycle Based Solutions printer to determine your best solutions from the recycling providers listed below. 

Waste Management

The Waste Management Recycling Program offers:

  • Centralized collection and processing center
  • Recycle kit: ship back envelopes, label options
  • Web portal:
    • Order recycle kits
    • Track recycling on-line by account or retail store
    • Generate reports
    • Print Certificate of Recycling



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Northstar Recycling

Northstar can conduct a waste stream audit and provide a comprehensive recommendation that may include:

  • Reverse Distribution Based Model:
    • Ship Tyvek® back to LifeCycle Based Solutions Authorized Printer for recycling
  • Free pickup of recyclables arranged by Northstar
  • Bulk reprocessing, data tracking and reporting
  • Custom recycling program may include:
    • Tyvek®
    • All grades of paper, plastics and films
    • Metals
    • Polyurethane foam
    • E-scrap (electronics)



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