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Preferred Printers


Easy access to advanced printing solutions.

DuPont Graphics Preferred Printers bring an unparalleled degree of printing capability and technical resources to every printing and converting project. That’s because they are part of a special program designed to support them in all aspects of their use of Tyvek® and other DuPont Graphics products.
Preferred Printers can call on DuPont technical specialists for answers to questions regarding specific markets and applications. In addition, Preferred Printers qualify to receive business referrals for printing applications in their individual areas of expertise.
As a member of the DuPont Graphics Preferred Printer Program, a printer may participate in a DuPont-managed co-op advertising program. Preferred Printers also receive direct marketing and public relations support from DuPont geared specifically to their businesses.

Industrial Tags & Labels Thermal Transfer
Law/ Care Label Race Num-bers Pres-sure Sensi-tive Wrist- bands # Colors Pin-feedPatch/ Grom-met Rein-forc-ingMulti- Part String
Consec-utive Number Perfor-atingFan- Fold Print-ersRib-bons
Allen-Bailey Tag & Label    6

Ameri-can Law Label   1-4       

Atlas Tag & Label 7  

Chicago Tag & Label *5 * 

Ennis Tag & Label   8 

Electric City Printing   8          

Kay Toledo Tag 8

Norcross Tag Co.       

National Ticket Co.   6     

Precision Dyn-amics Corp.   20+      

Print-craft Co.  9     

Process Label Systems  8   

Southern Label/

Special Service Partners (SSP) 8

Tailored Label Products 6   

Wrist-band Resour-ces   6     
* Dependent on the brand of Tyvek® used