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Military Packaging

There's no camouflaging the packaging protection Tyvek® has to offer. Take gas mask filters packaged in Tyvek® brand material with foil laminates, for example. They're used by military personnel in mines, field training exercises and other potentially hazardous environments. To work properly, these filters must be placed in packages, evacuated and sealed to one-half atmosphere. Tyvek® delivers the heavy-duty strength and puncture resistance needed to handle this kind of pressure.


Used in combination with aluminum foil and polyethylene film, military pouches of Tyvek® prevent moisture and oxygen damage to sensitive chemicals inside the filter casing that can cause gas masks to fail. Whether it's gas masks, munitions or other sensitive equipment, Tyvek® materials are made for today's military packaging applications. In fact, laminate structures made with Tyvek® meet Military Specifications (MIL-PRF-81705 and MIL-PRF-131) for military packaging.


Tyvek® Is Military-Tested Tough for:

  • Sophisticated munitions
  • Priority parts
  • Critical components of sensitive devices