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Rebuilding Greensburg

When an F5 tornado devastated the farming town of Greensburg, Kansas in May of 2007, DuPont knew they could provide an integral service to the town as it began the rebuilding process. Not only would Greensburg be taking steps in becoming the first-ever sustainable U.S. eco-community, with the backing of DuPont science and innovation, they could become a town prepared for and protected during the most severe of storms in the future.

In support of the city’s transformation into a model sustainable community, and as a company continually committed to energy efficient home design, DuPont has made an initial donation of more than 30 products and services for residential and commercial projects. 

DuPont has helped fund the construction of two Habitat for Humanity homes and custom homes. Built with DuPont Weatherization Systems, these residences reflect the DuPont efforts around the necessity of energy efficient home design. These and other homes in Greensburg are proof that the town is on its way to becoming an environmentally-conscious community.]

Builders in Greensburg are also using DuPont Weatherization Systems to help build the Greensburg Business Incubator.  Using products such as DuPont™ Tyvek® CommercialWrap® to seal the building envelope, the Greensburg Business Incubator is a more energy-efficient, sustainable commercial building. 

To see more on how DuPont is helping to change the landscape of Greensburg—and to potentially pick up tips for your own projects involving energy efficient home design—visit

Jeff Gordon Lends a Hand in Greensburg

Watch NASCAR® Champion Jeff Gordon and his sponsor DuPont celebrate the Habitat for Humanity groundbreaking ceremony in Greensburg, KS.

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