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Parts protection

DuPont™ Tyvek® makes it possible to store, handle and transport all kind of sensitive parts (e.g. automotive) through the supply chain safely using returnable packaging systems.

Tyvek® is extremely flexible and protective and can be tailor-made to optimize space in the transportation containers, which prevents damage of parts being moved during storage and transport. On top of this, it makes your supply chain leaner and greener. With no added softeners which might damage the parts, Tyvek® is lightweight and smooth, making it ergonomically efficient.

Workers can easily access parts without straining to either put them in or retrieve them. The smooth surface quality makes it agreeable to the touch and safe for parts that might be scratched by rougher materials. Special Tyvek® styles can also be used when cushioning or padding is desired, providing even greater protection for more fragile and delicate parts. Again, Tyvek® is flexible and lightweight and can be easily shaped for optimal protection. The covers and storage bags can be cleaned and repeatedly reused, and the material is lint-free and tear-resistant.

Additionally, because Tyvek® is so lightweight and thin, it takes up very little storage space and saves added expenses.

See typical properties of Tyvek® styles for parts protection

The distibutor in Belgium: conTeyor International

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"Hindermann" in Germany
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"Thais" in Spain
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"Spinelli" in Italy
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A unique set of properties, offering a balance of physical characteristics that combine the best properties
DuPont™ Tyvek® helps date crops to ripen.