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DuPont Vertrel specialty fluids

Contact a Vertrel® Business Office in Your Region

Please use the list below to contact the DuPont office near you. We will ensure that you get the best and most efficient service to meet your needs.

To make DuPont™ Vertrel® specialty fluids available to our customers locally we have set up a large distribution network that ensures our customers can get prompt and local service.

Region DuPont Office and Contact 
North America DuPont Fluorochemcials
974 Centre Road, CRP702
P.O. Box 2915
Wilmington, DE 19805
Ph: 800-969-4758 (U.S. only)
Ph: 302-774-1160 (Outside U.S.)
E-mail: Contact Us 
Europe, Middle East, Africa DuPont de Nemours Intl., S.A.
2, Chemin du Pavillon
CH-1218 Le Grand-Saconnex / GE
Ph: 41 22 717 5296
Fx: 41 22 717 6169
E-mail: Contact Us 
Asia Pacific DuPont-Mitsui Fluorochemicals Co. Ltd.
Chiyoda Honsha Building
1-5-18 Sarugaku-cho
Chiyoda-Ku Tokyo. 101
Ph: 03 5281 5850 (Japan only)
Ph: 1-302-774-1160 (All others)
Fx: 03 5281 5885
E-mail: Contact Us