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DuPont Vertrel specialty fluids

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U.S. Army Finds Vertrel® SDG Cleans Best When Replacing TCE

Webinar: "DuPont & MicroCare: Your Team to Solve 21st Century Cleaning Challenges"

Webinar: "Regulatory Outlook and Solvent Replacement Options"

Webinar: "High Volume Parts Cleaning: Vapor Degreasing Facts"

Wafer Fabricating Process - Presentation Charts

IMAPS Conference - Presentation Charts

"New cleaning agents for degreasing and defluxing" presentation was given at the 2010 IMAPS conference.
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Japan Industrial Conference of Cleaning (JICC) Conference

The DuPont Japan Vertrel® team participated in the Japan Industrial Conference of Cleaning in September 2009. View photos of the DuPont™ Vertrel® and MDF booth at the conference.
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Industry Update: UK Guidance for Solvent Cleaning

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) in the United Kingdom has released an information sheet which is intended to provide guidance for users of fluorinated solvents in order to help them comply with the European Union (EU) F Gas Regulation.
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