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Application Description

Taiho selects DuPontTM Vespel® bushings for a new EGR valve
Precisely controlled EGR valves are a critical component for achieving strict new emission standards for diesel engines. Vespel® bushings are helping to achieve these new levels of performance - in hot, dirty environments - by acting as the critical bearing surface in a new control - arm linkage designed by Taiho.

Case Study Image

Benefits Gained

Vespel® bushings help achieve emission standards

Vespel® SP parts maintain consistent performance over the life of the EGR valve despite operating in a very aggressive environment. The long-term dependability of the bushing helps ensure compliance to new emission standards.

Materials Selected and Why

Excellent heat resistance, wear performance and self-lubrication

Vespel® bushings offer an excellent combination of properties including:

  • High-heat resistance
  • Self-lubrication
  • Low levels of wear

The lack of a melting point or Tg enables Vespel® SP bushings to survive the high temperatures found near the engine and exhaust system. The self-lubricating characteristic allows the bushing to perform without lubrication even when exposed to the dirt and contamination found in the engine compartment – an almost impossible task for a metal bushing. The low-wear performance provides predictable, precise control of the EGR over the life of the component.


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