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DuPont™ Elevations Installation

Follow these simple instructions to install traditional sheet vinyl flooring.

DuPont™ Elevations is felt-backed cushioned vinyl flooring that should be installed using the fully adhered technique. Learn how to quickly and easily install traditional sheet vinyl flooring.

Using the fully-adhered technique requires that the flooring product be affixed to an acceptable substrate using a premium multi-purpose resilient floor covering adhesive. Acceptable substrates are clean, dry,  smooth, and include both wood panel and concrete underflooring.

To install traditional sheet vinyl flooring, you will need some special tools, such as multi-use adhesive, a seam coating kit (if seaming) and an embossing leveler. Before installing your traditional sheet vinyl flooring, please read the following installation guidelines.

Download DuPont™ Elevations Installation Instructions here.  

Find the beauty and durability you're looking for with DuPont™ Elevations Vinyl Flooring.

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DuPont™ Flooring Adhesives & Cleaners

Learn more about the complete line of DuPont™ Flooring Adhesives & Cleaners. Our adhesive products provide exceptional performance to keepp your DuPont™ Vinyl Flooring securely attached. Our flooring cleaners help to keep your freshly installed floor looking newer longer.