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Repairing Vinyl Floor

Get the information you'll need to easily and efficiently repair vinyl flooring.


To Repair Small Cuts in Your Vinyl Floor

Small cuts in your vinyl flooring will eventually get bigger. When repairing a cut in your vinyl flooring, first clean any dirt from the cut and then apply low gloss seam sealer.

Repairing Vinyl Flooring and Replacing Damaged Areas - Plugs

If you must replace a damaged area, follow these steps:

- Select a design element from the scrap material that matches the design to be removed from the existing resilient. Accurately overlay this piece over the damaged area.
- Double cut on the inside of the grout line if possible and remove the damaged piece. If the floor covering you are repairing is installed over existing resilient flooring, be careful not to cut too deeply.
- If the DuPont™ Vinyl Flooring was installed fully adhered, apply a thin layer of premium multi-purpose resilient floor covering adhesive to the back of the repair piece and place into position. Roll with a hand roller. Apply low gloss seam sealer. Protect from foot traffic until sealer is fully cured.

Your DuPont Warranty

All DuPont™ Vinyl Flooring products are backed by a limited warranty. Click here for the warranty. » More
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