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DuPont™ Statements Installation

Follow these simple instructions to install glass-backed cushioned vinyl flooring.

DuPont™ Statements Vinyl Flooring is sheet vinyl with a fiberglass core for cushioned comfort that can be installed using the loose-laid technique.

Learn how to quickly and easily install this vinyl flooring. Using the loose-laid technique for installing glueless vinyl flooring makes removal of this floor at the end of its life cycle remarkably easy. Another benefit of installing this flooring is that it can be applied over many substrates that are not suitable for fully adhered products such as particleboard, chipboard, flakeboard or lightweight concrete.

To install your DuPont™ Statements flooring, you will also need tools such as glass tac tape when seaming, a seam coating kit (if seaming) and an embossing leveler. Before installing your glueless vinyl flooring, please read the following installation guidelines.

To download DuPont™  Statements Installation instructions, please click here. 

DuPont™ Statements

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