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How to Install Vinyl Flooring

Installation and Care

Learn here how to install vinyl flooring easily and care for your new DuPont™ Vinyl Flooring.

DuPont™ Vinyl Flooring is easy to install, but the methods of how to install vinyl flooring varies for each product line. DuPont™ Aspirations® installation methods include loose lay or full spread, whereas DuPont™ Elevations installation methods include perimeter or full spread.

Please remember that to install your DuPont™ Vinyl Flooring, some special tools may be required. We suggest consulting a The Home Depot flooring professional before installation and researching the installation methods for your selected DuPont™  Vinyl Flooring line. 

DuPont™ Elevations installation

DuPont™ Elevations Vinyl Flooring Installation Methods

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DuPont™ Aspirations® Installation
DuPont™ Aspirations® Vinyl Flooring Installation Methods
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Vinyl Floor Care
DuPont™ Vinyl Floor Care
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