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Beige Vinyl Tile

With so many sheet vinyl styles to choose from in a wide range of beige vinyl tile patterns, it's hard to pick just one. Choose from these subtle yet complex shades of beige and get the same strength and durability you expect from DuPont™ Vinyl Sheet Flooring. 

Beige Vinyl Tile Patterned Options

San Pablo Canyon Clay
San Pablo
Canyon Clay
SKU #5415
San Pablo Sandstone
San Pablo
Sand Stone
SKU #5433
Captiva Oasis Beige
Oasis Beige
SKU #5397

Sand Dollar
SKU #5391

Raja Slate
Sahara Beige
SKU #55502 

Sea Shell
SKU #55511

Weathered Linen
SKU #56034

Gold Coast
Pebble Sand
SKU #56234

Gold Coast
Storm Front
SKU #56243

DIG #103

DIG #104

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