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Choosing Vinyl Flooring Designs

Trendsetting design options, excellent durability, dynamic colors - choosing vinyl sheet flooring is easier than ever with styles and colors ranging from beachy beiges to warm earth tones, all with the strength and durability you expect from DuPont™ Vinyl Flooring. 

Choose Your Line

Find a dynamic collection of patterns and colors from DuPont™ Elevations. Select a high performance, Kevlar® tough option from DuPont™ Aspirations. Choose your collection of DuPont™ Vinyl Flooring here.  » More
Find Your Style
What's your style? Whether it's vibrant slate or sandy stone, you're sure to find the color and style that's perfect for you. » More
DuPont™ Sedona
Discover the DuPont Difference
What makes DuPont™ Vinyl Flooring the best option when choosing vinyl sheet flooring? Find out why vinyl is the beautiful, affordable alternative for the design enthusiast in you.   » More
Determine Your Needs
Where is the best place to use DuPont™ Vinyl Flooring? What if I need to cut for odd spaces? Get these answers and more here.   » More