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Wafer Level Packaging Solutions

WLP Series dry film photoresist

WLP 1000 dry film photoresists are high resolution, multi-purpose films compatible with copper pillar plating and solder bump plating, both lead-free and eutectic. These films are available in 50, 75, and 100  micron thicknesses.


  • High Resolution for Fine Pitch Electro Plating Process
  • High Chemical Resistance for Silver Plating, ENIG and ENEPIG
  • No Damage for Active Metal Even Through RIE Process
  • Na2CO3 and TMAH Developable
  • Fast and Totally Dissolved Stripping Mode


  • Capability for finer pitch work than alternative products
  • Improved plating performance
  • Higher development productivity when using TMAH
  • Cleaner stripping