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Whether your investigation involves product/material samples or more complex components, we can provide you with the high-quality weathering, testing and consulting you need. The Florida Weathering and Testing Lab was established as a DuPont outdoor weathering laboratory in 1928. The facility is located in Hialeah, Florida, at a pristine site in the Miami area (25º North, 80º West). In addition to exposure testing using internationally standardized test fixtures, we provide a wide range of sample evaluations such as color, gloss and DOI measurements, as well as detailed visual inspections. Our experienced staff are very familiar with ASTM and other industry weathering test methods and standards.

The South Florida environment is recognized worldwide as a benchmark location for performing outdoor materials weathering tests. The unique combination of moisture and high temperatures along with extreme levels of ultraviolet solar radiation provides an excellent climate for performance and durability testing.  Exposures can be performed on virtually anything: finished products, materials, or even raw materials -- anything that requires high performance in outdoor environments.  Examples include automotive coatings, additives, construction materials such as sealants & adhesives, coverings, vinyl and wood siding, interior surfaces, pond liners, pool covers, outdoor fabrics such as banners and flags as well as patio furniture and garden products.

DuPont Weathering Systems Florida Weathering and Testing Laboratory is A2LA accredited

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