‘Do More With Dairy’ Webinar Links Yogurt and Cheese with the Latest Health Trends

DuPont Nutrition & Health puts a fresh angle on nutritious cheese with an inspiring snack concept for health-minded consumers who seek better-for-you dairy products high in sensory quality. With reduced salt compared to a typical 48+ FDM* Gouda and 10% lower in fat**, the Gouda-style concepts are an all-in-one response to several of the market’s top health trends.

“Fat and salt reduction is notoriously difficult to achieve in cheese, as both play an essential role in defining cheese characteristics. Our new concept overcomes these difficulties while ensuring a satisfying cheesy experience,” said Dirk Kuckelsberg, senior application specialist at DuPont Nutrition & Health.

Do More With Dairy Webinar
The concept will be presented at the DuPont ‘Do More With Dairy’ yogurt and cheese webinar in cooperation with Mintel Food & Drink on 17 Oct. Food manufacturers that sign up for the ‘Do More With Dairy’ webinar can gain a broad overview of how DuPont can support the development of yogurt and cheese products with a strong nutritional profile.

Among the highlights for the yogurt segment is a lactose-free concept aimed at children. Containing vitamin K2 ActivK™, the concept qualifies for an EU-approved bone health claim.

Response to Top Trends
Kicking off the webinar, a presentation by Mintel Food & Drink will provide insights into the current state of the health and wellness dairy market.

“This is an opportunity for us to demonstrate the link between today’s trends and the solutions we are working on right now. We hope many existing and potential customers will join us and contribute their questions,” said Signe Orberg, EUROW industry marketing manager – Dairy, DuPont Danisco.
Health Ingredients Europe 2012

DuPont sales managers will be available at Health Ingredients Europe on 13-15 Nov. in Frankfurt, Germany, to talk much more about the latest healthy concepts.  

The ‘Do More With Dairy’ seminar will take place on 17 Oct. at 4-5 pm CEST (Paris)/ 10-11 am EDT (New York). Watch it OnDemand here.

*Fat in Dry Matter
**Compared to reference.