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Plenish™ high oleic soybeans create cooking oil with extreme stability in high temperatures, without hydrogenation and with 0g trans fat.

With CREMODAN® emulsifier and stabilizer from DuPont, artisan ice cream manufacturers get an unmatched level of quality and stability in cold processing. The innovative CREMODAN® emulsifier and stabilizer system is specially designed to bring flavor, stability, and value to traditional, handmade ice cream production, without pasteurization or homogenization.

Download the DuPont Sustainable Solutions (DSS) market study and research paper to learn more about safety monitoring and workplace safety incidents in Europe.

BioVia™ YM 10, a natural mold killer, helps manufacturers meet market demand for natural, clean-label products without sacrificing the shelf life they need.

DuPont partnered with the African Biofortified Sorghum Project (ABS) to improve the global food security of millions who rely on sorghum as their primary diet.

DuPont enables manufacturers of ultra-high temperature (UHT) milk products to increase their processing capacity, cut their costs and benefit the environment.

Around the globe, DuPont scientists work in concert with farmers, local businesses, governments, NGOs and others who know the “facts on the ground” in order to find the answers that will increase food protection and production.

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Read the DuPont Sustainable Solutions (DSS) brochure for information on the dynamics of successful owner/contractor engagements.

Manufacturers can rely on our solutions to cut costs on low-fat spreads, and meet the demand of consumers who are choosing to dine at home more often.

As key elements in many meals, sauces bring variety and flavor to consumers. Yet budget pressures require food companies to keep a firm hand on the costs of sauce manufacturing. Our cost-cutting solutions enable expensive ingredients to be replaced without sacrificing quality, taste, or variety.

DuPont™ Appeel® sealant resin meets practically any easy-open lidding film need. It seals to all commonly used container substrates, and is approved for direct food contact under many conditions of use. Appeel® resin for lids is suitable for packaging most foodstuffs, including water-based, acidic and fatty types.

The BAX® Detection System from DuPont is a PCR-based method for food pathogen detection. While traditional testing methods can take a week or more to get results, our automated system can provide accurate results the day after sampling.

The BAX® detection system is one of the best food safety tests in the industry to help ensure a safe food supply for the world.

The challenges we face in feeding the world will get only more daunting in the decades to come. But DuPont and its collaborators across the food chain are optimistic, as scientific innovations have already significantly enhanced the quality and quantity of food production.

Read the Pew Center case study to learn more about DuPont corporate strategies and what the company is doing to help address climate change challenges.

As cost-conscious consumers shift spending from bottled water to more high-value beverages, DuPont™ Danisco® stabilizers and enzymes can help manufacturers maintain and develop market share.

GRINDSTED® Fiberline, a unique bakery ingredient system from DuPont, enables the production of nutritious, whole meal bread with an outstanding soft texture, mild flavor and high volume. This innovative technology creates new opportunities for industrial bakers to make high-fiber breads that live up to consumer demands for taste and texture.

With proven oral health benefits, a clean sweetness, and no aftertaste, XIVIA™ from DuPont is a sustainable product that is ideal for many applications, including xylitol gum and other confectionery products.

With increased oil stability, Plenish™ high oleic soybean oil enables food manufacturers and fast-food restaurants to meet consumer demand for healthier products without sacrificing performance. It has 0g trans fat, less saturated fat, and the highest amount of heart-healthy monounsaturated fat available in soy.

A nutrition bar research study from Solae found that flavor and texture are the most important purchase drivers among consumers. The results can help nutrition bar companies better reach their market.

DuPont is committed to working side-by-side with local populations to ensure that science is applied to local agriculture and food production for a more secure future for all.

Although science provides answers that can be applied universally, DuPont experience shows that solutions for local food systems must be developed at a community level.

With the fat content of a typical wrap at 5-10%, fat reduction by 50% or more will bring considerable savings. The question is: how do you compensate for the loss of dough elasticity and eating quality?

DuPont™ Danisco® ingredient solutions help the traditionally cost-conscious meat industry optimize formulation and processes, and add extra value and quality in processed meat production.

DuPont is helping to make ozone-friendly natural refrigerants designed to replace R-22 in existing air conditioning and refrigeration systems.

Supplementation with the phytosterol benefits of PinVita™ Phytosterols is one of the most effective ways to reduce cholesterol levels. Additionally DuPont offers ActivK™ Vitamin K2, the highest bioavailable source of Vitamin K, which has been associated with cardiovascular and bone health benefits.

Pioneer® brand Plenish™ high oleic soybeans will benefit farmers, the food industry, and consumers. In addition to the strong agronomics growers demand, Plenish™ high oleic soybean oil offers the food industry high stability combined with a healthier oil profile. Consumers will be able to enjoy the foods they've always loved with 0g trans fat.

Probiotic Supplements — friendly cultures in capsules, tablets, and sachets — are a convenient way to take probiotics for important digestive and immune health benefits. HOWARU® brand cultures from DuPont encompass a range of clinically documented probiotic formulations backed by expert marketing, as well as technical and regulatory support.

Molinos Rio de la Plata SA is a leader in South America’s food industry and one of the largest food exporters in Argentina. Reaching more than 50 countries worldwide, the company produces edible oils, frozen foods and pasta. The Molinos agricultural division is one of Argentina’s largest soybean and sunflower seed processors (6,000,000 and 500,000 tons/year).

GRINDSTED® Pectin SF EXTRA enables food companies to optimize and add high flavor impact to their fruit spread, jelly, and jam production. This high-performance range gives optimal results across a broad range of fruit and sugar contents. It provides outstanding process flexibility, enables a wide range of textures to be achieved, and helps keep costs under control.

With our wide range of solutions, yogurt-producing companies can reduce costs without compromising taste or quality. Our solutions provide great value in all areas of yogurt production — they reduce raw material costs, optimize processes, and cut waste.

Read a DuPont Sustainable Solutions (DSS) paper that describes the four stages of culture strength: reactive, dependent, independent, and interdependent.

Simon Herriott is Global Managing Director of the DuPont Sustainable Solutions global consulting practice. His team of experts helps make organizations safer, more efficient, and more environmentally sustainable.

The soybean oil nutrition profile of Plenish™ high oleic soybean oil can help meet the trans fat challenge while providing exceptional stability for food preparation.

For DuPont, sustainable food production means more than expanding the food supply. It also encompasses social, economic and ecological considerations, such as infrastructure, storage, waste reduction and improving and preserving water quality—all of which are critical to achieving global food security.

Read the DuPont Sustainable Solutions (DSS) overview brochure on maximizing business sustainability and protecting assets through Sustainable Operations.

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DSS Training Solutions offers scalable applications with versatile implementation options.

DuPont Nutrition & Health puts a fresh angle on nutritious cheese with an inspiring snack concept for health-minded consumers who seek better-for-you dairy products high in sensory quality.