Advanced Science Supports Urbanization in China

DuPont is working to help support urbanization in China with science-based solutions. If current trends hold, around one billion people will live in cities by 2030, with an urban economy generating as much as 95% of China’s economic output.

While rapid urbanization in China has helped lift the living standards of millions of Chinese, it is also putting significant pressure on infrastructure, workplace safety and the natural environment.  DuPont and other multi-nationals have developed technologies and expertise that can help China maintain a rapid pace of urbanization and economic growth without sacrificing public health and safety.

We are collaborating in a number of ways. For example,  DuPont™ Nomex® and Tyvek® are used in safety gear that helps protect Chinese firefighters and medical workers. In the construction industry, DuPont resins and glass interlayers help protect the structural integrity of Chinese roads, bridges and office buildings. In factories, hazardous smokestack emissions are reduced with help from DuPont scrubbing systems and fiber bed mist eliminators.

Learn more about how advanced science is helping support China’s rapid growth.

Read the white paper “Safer Growth: How Advanced Science Can Help Safeguard China’s People and the Environment”

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This white paper was created by Fortune Industry Perspectives and DuPont. It is the third in a series showcasing sustainable development thought leadership, which helped inform the discussions at the 2013 Fortune Global Forum, which took place, June 6–8, 2013, in Chengdu, China.