Paying Safety Forward

DuPont News, April 17, 2012
Warren Hoy, Fort Madison plant manager (far right) was invited to have a first l
(L to R) Jan Wolbers, Phil Thomas and Laura Menke, Southeastern Community College, with Warren Hoy, Ft. Madison plant manager (far right). with new forcible entry door. Photo is courtesy of Southeastern Community College.


The DuPont Fort Madison site recently donated $5,000 to the Emergency Response Training Center (ERTC) in Fort Madison, Iowa, to purchase a forcible-entry training door, a critical need for emergency responders.

The training door allows firefighters to safely practice going inside emergency areas when entry by other means is not possible. More than 500 local responders and students will participate in forcible-entry training at ERTC, which is located at the Southeastern Community College.

"Safety and protection is one of DuPont's most closely held values," said Warren Hoy, Fort Madison plant manager. "This was a great opportunity for us to show our appreciation for the people who protect our community every day by helping them get the critical training needed to do their jobs safely."

“On behalf of our area firefighters, thank you for this wonderful addition to our training center,” said Tina Young, Emergency Response Program coordinator at Southeastern Community College.

DuPont has been part of the Fort Madison, Iowa, community since 1937. During its history, the site has produced home and commercial paints, can coatings, thinners and primers. Today, the site uses solar energy to reduce dependence on fossil fuels. Fort Madison employs 153 people.