DuPont Sponsor of FORTUNE Global Forum in Chengdu, China

DuPont News, April 11, 2012


Tony Su
Tony Su

DuPont will be a sponsor of the 2013 FORTUNE Global Forum in Chengdu, China, and is looking forward to the next year of preparation and collaboration among businesses, governments and thought leaders from around the world.

The three-day Global Forum will be designed around the theme of “China’s New Future.” It will bring together hundreds of global participants, as well as Chinese business and government leaders. All groups will be focused on the evolution of China’s domestic economy, the development of China’s Western regions and China’s emerging role in the global context.

“DuPont is committed to driving sustainability and further contributing to China’s economic and social development,” said DuPont Vice President and Chief Marketing & Sales Officer Scott Coleman. “We look forward to the opportunities to continuously offer our scientific capabilities to serve China’s focus on urbanization, industrialization, technological innovation and modern agriculture.”

Earlier this year, DuPont announced plans to open a branch in Chengdu to support China's national agenda of "Going West" to promote economic and societal development in the country's western regions.

“As Chengdu is poised to become one of the most influential cities in China’s burgeoning western economy, it’s the perfect setting for the FORTUNE Global Forum,” said DuPont Greater China President Tony Su. “Chengdu is attracting more and more multinationals like DuPont who are committed to growing their business in this rapidly developing region. We look forward to the upcoming dialogue.”

This will be the fourth time the FORTUNE Global Forum will take place in China, which is more than any other country. The central content pillars of the event will be: The China Century, Resource Solutions, Innovation and Technology, and Global Finance and Economic Recovery.

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