DuPont Puerto Rico Plans Expansion, Hosts Government Officials at Manati Site

DuPont News, April 2, 2012
Angela Santianes, DuPont Manati site manager
Angela Santianes, DuPont Manati site manager, escorts Puerto Rico Gov. Luis Fortuño during a tour of the company’s electronic materials plant.


DuPont recently welcomed Puerto Rico government officials at its manufacturing site in Manati for a formal announcement of expansion plans at the DuPont Microcircuit Materials plant and the Pioneer research and development operations in Salinas.

“For more than 40 years, DuPont has made significant investment in its Puerto Rico plant operations,” said Angela Santianes, DuPont Manati site manager. “We are contributing to the region’s economy by creating sustainable jobs and placing Puerto Rico as a critical hub for global exports of DuPont products ranging from materials for solar panels to agricultural goods that help growers protect crops and increase yields.”

Gov. Luis Fortuño, Secretary of Development and Commerce Department José R. Pérez-Riera and Manati Mayor Juan Aubín Manzano were among several guests to tour the plant, visit with DuPont employees and observe the process of making Solamet® photovoltaic metallization paste.

Santianes and Gov. Fortuño addressed approximately 15 news media organizations at a news conference immediately following the tour to discuss the expansion plans and how DuPont is a major contributor to Puerto Rico’s economy.

DuPont Manati
DuPont Manati lab technicians Karlo Delgado (left) and Denice Oliveras demonstrate to Gov. Luis Fortuño and Manati Mayor Juan Aubín Manzano (far right) the process of testing metallization paste which is used in solar panels and many other electronic applications.

“Puerto Rico is pleased to have a business partnership with DuPont,” said Gov. Fortuño. “We admire the company’s business ethics, commitment to safe operations and excellent leadership in our community. Your presence here helps in my discussions with other global companies to do business in Puerto Rico and continue to grow our economy.”

The Microcircuit Materials operation uses more than 400 raw materials, including precious metals, to produce specialized thick film paste materials used in the electronics industry to manufacture goods such as solar panels, cell phones and medical devices. It also provides products for the automotive industry.

Pioneer will expand its research and development operations in Salinas related to global crop genetics. The Microcircuit Materials plant plans to increase production of metal-based pastes and powders using novel technologies that involve intellectual property that was created or partially developed in Puerto Rico. The company is planning these expansion projects in Puerto Rico because of the available educated workforce, the region’s stable economy and a positive business environment that supports economic development initiatives.

Additional operations in Puerto Rico include a crop protection manufacturing site and a DuPont Performance Coatings distribution center.