DuPont: 10 Percent of its U.S. Hires through 2013 Will be Veterans

DuPont News, August 24, 2012


Benito Cachinero-Sánchez

DuPont was proud to participate with U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama in a Joining Forces event on August 22 in Jacksonville, Fla., to highlight the importance of hiring U.S. military veterans.  “Our relationship with the U.S. government stretches back nearly to the birth of our nation.  As the inventor of DuPont™ Kevlar® and Nomex® fibers, which are utilized every day to keep U.S. troops safe while in harm’s way, we understand the sacrifice, commitment and service to America that military service represents,” said DuPont Senior Vice President of Human Resources Benito Cachinero-Sánchez.  “We also recognize the valuable experience our veterans bring to businesses and how their skills translate into leadership and innovation for companies like DuPont.”

DuPont has an active focus on hiring veterans and an employee Veteran's Network to assist veterans as they integrate into DuPont. 

“Our commitment is to ensure that at least 10% of all U.S. hires through 2013 are veterans, and we look forward to more joining our ranks,” said Cachinero-Sánchez.

“It was a privilege for DuPont to be a part of the Joining Forces ceremony at the Naval Station Mayport yesterday with the First Lady, and we thank her for her tireless commitment to bring attention, focus and energy to the importance of the private sector hiring veterans,” he added.

“This is exactly what we hoped for when the First Lady and Dr. Jill Biden launched Joining Forces last year – major companies stepping up and making a commitment to employ America’s veterans. We’re appreciative of their impactful efforts and look forward to working with DuPont as we all strive to serve our nation’s veterans as well as they have served us,” said Navy Captain Brad Cooper, executive director of Joining Forces.

Jason Irwin, a U.S. Army veteran who served in Iraq and is a DuPont employee, attended the event and said, "I am proud to have served my country and now be part of DuPont which has a strong tradition of supporting the United States military.  I look forward to working with the DuPont Veterans Network to play a key role in helping our new veteran hires achieve success in their DuPont careers.”