Creating Solutions for a Better, Healthier World

DuPont News, December 20, 2012
Creating Solutions for a Better, Healthier World
A child drinking from a MixPack.


DuPont, in collaboration with Simonalbag, recently launched “MixPack,” the first flexible package in Mexico capable of combining high- and low-resistance seals. This new technology provides a solution to the malnutrition problem in rural communities.

The package consists of a bag with two compartments, which are separated by an internal seal made of DuPont™ Surlyn®. This solution prevents the mixing of the milk powder with the purified water to ensure each retains its properties. By squeezing the package, the inner seal breaks, mixing the ingredients and resulting in a nutritious and healthy drink for children.

"MixPack was born from a dream of offering an alternative to isolated rural communities in Mexico and to people who need to nurture their children but have no way to refrigerate baby milk or do not have a source of drinking water," said Simonalbag CEO Alvaro Navarro.

Other advantages of the product are its long shelf life without requiring refrigeration and small size, requiring less space when transporting.