USA Today Highlights DuPont Building Innovations’ Zero Landfill Program

DuPont News, February 1, 2012
Bins for Recycled Corian®
Bins for Recycled Corian®


With hard work – but no sleight of hand – DuPont Building Innovations’ made 81 million pounds of Corian® solid surfaces and Tyvek® building wrap manufacturing waste disappear! On Monday, that vanishing act captured the attention of USA Today and its more than 3 million daily readers, when the national newspaper published a story on the success of Building Innovations’ (BI) “Drive to Zero” landfill program.

The news story, which appeared in the USA Today’s Money business section, described some of the more unusual ways BI is repurposing waste from 15 global sites to keep it from being sent to landfills. Specifically, the article noted that cafeteria waste is collected and turned into worm-friendly compost, crushed DuPont™ Corian® solid surface scrap is recycled into landscape stone, and old shipping pallets are ground into animal bedding as part of the business’s zero landfill initiative.

The monumental task of eliminating a mountain of waste, equivalent in size to 16,200 cars, wasn’t magic at all, according to Tim McCann, president of DuPont Building Innovations. Instead, it was work that involved “ingenuity and creativity in rethinking and re-engineering the way the business manages waste streams at 15 sites across the globe.”

The USA Today news story also described a growing trend among companies to eliminate landfill waste to reduce their environmental footprint, but noted that few companies ever succeed in actually reaching zero landfill.

“With USA Today adding DuPont’s name to the growing roster of companies that aim for and actually achieve zero landfill, DuPont joins an elite group of companies that are succeeding in their commitment to sustainable business practices,” Tim said. “It’s an achievement that’s good for our business and good for the environment. And I’m proud of the recognition our team is getting for making zero landfill possible.”

Monday’s USA Today article was accompanied by a photo taken recently at Building Innovations’ Yerkes facility near Buffalo, N.Y., of DuPont™ Corian® solid surface operator John Stover recycling plastic sheet wrap.

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