DuPont to Establish Molecular Breeding Technology Hub in China

DuPont News, February 15, 2012


Bill Niebur
Bill Niebur

DuPont has signed a multi-year lease agreement with Beijing International Flower Port to build a state-of-the-art Technology Hub for its Pioneer seed business in Beijing, China. The new facility is slated to open later this year and will employ nearly 50 researchers.

The Technology Hub will use Pioneer’s global capabilities in molecular breeding to develop new high-yielding maize hybrids, which will improve the sustainability of farming in China, while enhancing food security.

“This is a further extension of how DuPont is investing in global science to identify solutions locally,” said Bill Niebur, DuPont vice president and Pioneer China general manager. “Our vision is to work side-by-side with our Chinese collaborators to bring the AYT™ system together with other cutting-edge molecular breeding technologies to enhance and accelerate maize breeding in China. Through our network of research and business collaborations, we will bring superior products to market for Chinese farmers supporting the policy direction provided in China’s newly released No. 1 Document.”

“The presence of the project in Flower Port will further the service level of Flower Port,” said Zhao Fei, vice manager of Beijing Flower Port Investment Development Center. “It will provide strong support for construction of a high-end agricultural brand and seed industry in the Shunyi district, which will boost the construction of the Beijing National Modern Agricultural Science and Technology City.”

The Technology Hub will leverage Pioneer’s proprietary matrix of molecular breeding technologies called the Accelerated Yield Technology (AYT™) system. The AYT™ system identifies superior gene combinations earlier in the breeding process compared to traditional methods alone.

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