Bravo Team Towanda!

DuPont News, January 29, 2013
Banner Achievement – from left:Gregory Kelley, John Rees, C. Scott Turner, Douglas Hicks, David Browning, Wayne Brown, Dale Vanderpool, Timothy Davidson, Dennis Fries, and Dennis Cox, (Not pictured: Leland Ayers, Thomas Roof, Ralph Schoonover II)

The Towanda, Pa., site recently achieved 40 consecutive years of operation without an event-related (ER), lost workday case (LWC). This translates to more than 57 million full-service employee exposure hours in both non-hazardous and hazardous operations. In fact, before starting this amazing 40-year safety run, Towanda employees had worked 27 years without an ER/LWC, giving the site just one in a total of 67 years.

“57 million exposure hours without a major injury is an amazing accomplishment,” said Michael Betzen, Electronics & Communications (E&C) supply chain leader.

"This outstanding accomplishment is but one example of the total team commitment that all of our employees live out in support of DuPont's core values," said James Rodenhizer, Towanda plant manager. "The 40-year milestone allows us to pause and appreciate the safe work of not only our current employees, but also past employees. It's wonderful to be a part of this great team."

During the safety milestone celebration, 13 long-term Towanda employees including Leland Ayers, Wayne Brown, David Browning, Dennis Cox, Timothy Davidson, Dennis Fries, Douglas Hicks, Gregory Kelley, John Rees, Thomas Roof, Ralph Schoonover II, C. Scott Turner, and Dale Vanderpool, were recognized for contributing to every day of the 40-year record. They collectively accounted for one million out of the total 57 million exposure hours. Each employee was honored with the DuPont Safety Coin, commemorating their individual contribution to working safely.

“57 million exposure hours is equivalent to almost 1,000 employees working an entire 30-year career without losing work from an event related incident,” said Scot Kessler, E&C operations leader, Packaging Graphics. “That’s simply amazing.”

The Towanda site is a producer of a variety of polymer-based coated films for circuit and packaging materials; microcircuit materials and packaging graphics; high performance materials for flexible circuit construction; holographic films; Tedlar® polyvinyl fluoride film and coated Nafion® membranes.