Creating Customer and Ecological Value

DuPont News, January 8, 2013
The Microcircuit Materials team that developed the new DuPont™ Fodel® thick-film paste for use in Panasonic's plasma display panel.


The Microcircuit Materials team within Electronics & Communications in Japan received the Panasonic Eco-VC (Ecology & Value Creation) bronze award for applying DuPont™ Fodel® thick-film paste in the production of Panasonic’s Plasma Display Panel.

“The recognition of Fodel® 8G thick-film paste is the result of 10 years of co-development efforts between Panasonic and DuPont,” said Minoru Amoh, DuPont KK president, who accepted the award at the fifth Panasonic Excellent Partners Meeting. “DuPont will continuously strive to deliver science-powered solutions and expand our contribution in many different ways to help drive Panasonic’s Eco initiative and support its development of cost-effective and environmentally-friendly products.”

The use of Fodel® 8G thick-film paste has significantly reduced carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, while maintaining superior performance.

The ECO-VC Initiative is an on-going green effort driven by collaboration between Panasonic and its suppliers. The initiative aims to reduce CO2 emissions and energy consumption in the production process, while maximizing the use of recycled resources to achieve cost optimization.