Leading Social Responsibility

DuPont News, January 24, 2013
(From left) Joe Mannix, AMCHAM president; Somchai Laohverapanich, DuPont Thailand country manager; and Kristie Kenney, U.S. Ambassador.


DuPont Thailand recently received the American Chamber of Commerce’s (AMCHAM) 2012 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Excellence Recognition Award. DuPont Thailand Country Manager Somchai Laohverapanich was presented with the certificate of recognition by U.S. Ambassador Kristie Kenney and AMCHAM President Joe Mannix, on behalf of the AMCHAM CSR Excellence Recognition Program Committee.

“American companies bring innovative products and services to markets across the globe, yet never overlook the importance of the community in which they operate,” said Ambassador Kenney. “We honor DuPont, who has made positive contributions to Thai society and we are here today to applaud those efforts.”

DuPont Thailand received the award for its leadership and commitment to communities, the environment, high ethical standards and respect for people.

“This award reaffirms our company’s commitment to give back to the community,” said Somchai. “We strongly believe that ethics and social responsibility are part of the foundation of our business. The CSR programs we have had for the last 40 years reflect our strong core values and we will continue such efforts to contribute to society.”