Partnering for Sustainability

DuPont News, January 11, 2013
Paul Meyers and Wim van Lieshout keep a close watch on their sustainability project.


DuPont Dordrecht Works, in the Netherlands, recently partnered with its neighbor, waste-incineration company HVC, to supply steam to the facility via a one-kilometer pipeline.

“This solution fits very well with our aim to reduce our environmental footprint,” said Site Manager Paul Meyers. “With the steam from HVC, we can shut off the power plant on our site during the weekends and reduce our yearly CO2 emissions by 30%. This equals the emissions of some 15,000 midsized cars with an average of 20,000 km per year.”

“The steam supply to DuPont increases the energy efficiency of our plant, making it more sustainable,” said HVC Managing Director Wim van Lieshout.

According to Harry Wagemakers, the alderman of the city of Dordrecht responsible for sustainability, “This project is a large contribution to the city’s objectives to achieve an 11% energy reduction by 2015. This is a great example of cooperation and a win-win situation for the private sector.”

Last year, the Dordrecht site teamed up with GE Power and Water to decrease water consumption and improve the operational efficiency for a cooling tower.