Product Stewardship Inspires Government and Industries

DuPont News, January 4, 2013
Jim Romine (4th from left), Dr. Stephen Shen (5th from left), and Steve Chen (6th from left) with co-sponsors and other keynote speakers at the forum.


At the DuPont-sponsored Sustainability Forum in Taiwan, Vice President for Product Stewardship and Regulatory Affairs Jim Romine delivered a speech on “DuPont’s Journey and Strategy on Product Stewardship and Sustainability.” During his speech, he highlighted DuPont’s Core Values as the foundation of product regulatory compliance in product stewardship. Jim also shared the global sustainability challenges and opportunities that DuPont would be focusing on in the coming decades.

“DuPont will focus on meeting challenges from the megatrends by working with stakeholders in a globally collaborative manner to drive sustainability through science and innovation,” said Jim.

Following Jim's speech, Dr. Shuh-Woei Yu, chairman of Taiwan’s Safety and Health Technology Center facilitated a panel discussion with Taiwan’s Environmental Protection Administration (EPA), Industrial Development Bureau and Business Council for Sustainable Development. During the discussion, Jim recommended a set of sound scientific, risk-based and globally harmonized chemical regulations to meet societal needs.

President of DuPont Taiwan Steve Chen reiterated in the closing remarks that DuPont would continuously work with stakeholders in a collaborative way to create societal value along the value chain while reducing environmental footprint.