Lavoisier Medal: Honoring Achievements Toward More & Better Food

DuPont News, January 23, 2012
Marc Albertsen 2011 Lavoisier Medal for Technical Achievement Award winner.
Marc Albertsen 2011 Lavoisier Medal for Technical Achievement Award winner.


With his family members in attendance, Marc Albertsen was awarded the Lavoisier Medal for Technical Achievement for a lifetime of remarkable accomplishments in his field. The company’s highest honor for scientists and engineers, the Lavoisier Medal is presented to individuals who have been instrumental in making DuPont a world leader in technology.  Marc joins an elite group of 84 honorees, representing the company’s scientific history.

Marc was one of the founding members of Pioneer’s fledgling biotechnology department.  During the past 31 years, he has conducted and led research in maize genetics and plant reproductive biology.  His colleagues describe him as dedicated and innovative, as evidenced by the 44 patents and more than 60 professional articles that bear his authorship.  Marc led the establishment of an industry-leading reproductive biology group that has delivered two generations of hybrid seed production technology (SPT) to the Pioneer corn business. This process, which greatly enhances the ability to realize the full benefit of genetic improvement in grain seeds, is being adapted to rice hybrid production and investigated for its applicability to other key hybrid crops. In 2009, Marc was given the responsibility to lead philanthropic work in Africa through two projects, one related to the improvement of the nutritional content of sorghum, and the other related to improving the nitrogen use efficiency of maize.

“Marc Albertsen is widely recognized as one of the world's top experts in plant reproductive biology and as a champion for bringing the benefits of biotechnology to developing agriculture in Africa,” said Doug Muzyka senior vice president and chief science & technology officer.  “As the first scientist hired for Pioneer biotechnology research, Marc has been at the foundation of creative new approaches to improving agriculture for more than three decades. Marc's career of technical and creative achievements will continue to impact the business and science of agriculture around the world for years to come."