DuPont Building Innovations’ ‘Drive to Zero’ Making Headlines

DuPont News, January 27, 2012


Building Innovations’ elimination of 81 million pounds of landfill waste per year has drawn plenty of media attention, most recently from Bloomberg BNA (Bureau of National Affairs), which published a Q&A with Linda Fisher, chief sustainability officer and vice president, Safety, Health and Environment.

Linda talked with Bloomberg BNA about everything from how the project began to the company’s sustainability goals for 2015.

“Big goals like this take a lot of discussion and original thinking,” Linda said. “We involved a lot of people around the world. We did it in a very collaborative way. To be successful, you need a lot of innovation, you need a lot of people and you need a sustained commitment from leadership.”

Linda talked about DuPont’s long history of reducing its environmental footprint and its more recent push to develop products that reduce energy use, save lives and protect the environment.

“People are more and more concerned about the sustainability of products,” Linda said. “There is a push to reduce waste and to recycle and reuse, starting from your neighborhood trash pickup.”

Building Innovations’ success in eliminating landfill waste will be applied to other DuPont businesses, Linda said.

“There is a lot for the company to learn here, so we are planning on sharing that internally,” she said. “What we want to apply to other areas of the company is how Building Innovations went about it. It may not be focused on zero waste. The businesses are all a little different.”