DuPont Chair & CEO Ellen Kullman Featured in Delaware’s News Journal

DuPont News, January 10, 2012


Ellen Kullman
Ellen Kullman

A weekend profile of DuPont Chair & CEO Ellen Kullman in The News Journal newspaper of Wilmington, Del., credited her with skillfully steering the company through a long recession while forging ahead with a renewed focus on biotechnology and emerging markets.

“She has consistently trumped Wall Street's profit expectations each quarter, and her leadership has earned her global recognition -- most notably a ranking by Fortune magazine as one of the 10 most powerful women in business,” said the Jan. 8 article written by reporter Jonathan Starkey. “Her vision now extends beyond the fortunes of DuPont, with her advising President Barack Obama as a member of his Council on Jobs and Competitiveness.”

Under the headline “DuPont Thriving with CEO Kullman at Helm - Company on Path into New Markets,” the article touched on everything from Ellen’s childhood in Delaware to her rise to DuPont’s top leadership role.

“As she passes her third anniversary as CEO, Kullman… is judged by most to have deftly steered the company through the long recession while still driving ahead with its transformation to a firm focused on biotechnology and emerging markets,” the story said.

The article also touched on DuPont’s acquisition of Danisco, the expansion of the Kevlar® brand fibers facility in South Carolina and Ellen’s co-leadership of an education task force that is part of her work with the Council on Jobs and Competitiveness.