Turgut Mutel, Mario Nappa, Greg Whited Named DuPont Fellows

DuPont News, June 13, 2012
Named DuPont Fellows


Turgut Mutel, Mario Nappa and Greg Whited have been named DuPont Fellows by DuPont Canada Research & Business Development and DuPont Performance Polymers (DPP), DuPont Chemicals & Fluoroproducts (DC&F), and DuPont Industrial Biosciences (IB, respectively.

These three colleagues join 13 other active employees whose extraordinary contributions have earned them promotion to one of the highest technical professional levels in the company.  DuPont Fellows are recognized by their peers as scientists and engineers who define new technologies, influence research direction, and actively mentor less experienced professionals.  Through personal contributions and collaboration with others, these colleagues have established a sustained track record of translating technical knowledge, skill and commitment into results with significant impact for DuPont.

Turgut Mutel is only the second Canadian employee to have earned this distinguished honor.  Turgut is widely recognized for technical and people leadership in the field of continuous polymerization of polyamides, where he has persistently pushed back the boundaries of conventional wisdom to deliver innovative process engineering science and technology solutions.  His contributions have enabled the growth of new businesses and provided options for significant step changes in productivity and capacity on existing assets, helping to ensure the future of DuPont’s polyamide-based businesses.

David Yake, director – Research & Business Development (Canada), said he has “observed Turgut’s unique ability to leverage the broad global polyamide organization - drawing on business, market, supply chain and technical expertise - to repeatedly anticipate business needs, conceive of innovative, pragmatic solutions and then lead their implementation.”

Mario Nappa has been a role model throughout his career.  He played a key role in identifying and developing many compounds in DC&F’s current fluorochemicals portfolio and several next-generation molecules that are in the pipeline.  He led a team to develop a manufacturing process for a new automotive refrigerant with low global warming potential and continues to work on an improved large-scale manufacturing process for this offering.  Mario also has contributed to other next-generation development programs for foam expansion agents, solvents and fire extinguishants.  A prolific researcher, Mario has been named as an inventor or co-inventor on more than 80 issued U.S. patents.

"Mario's contribution to our business goes doesn't stop at his technical contribution and numerous patents,” said Marianne Marsi, technical director, DC&F,  “He invests significant time coaching and developing others to build winning teams and is a valuable resource for all levels of the organization inside and outside of R&D."

Gregg Whited has contributed for many years to transformational technology development in industrial biotechnology, producing game changers such as Bio-based 1,3 propanediol (Bio-PDO™), BioIsoprene, Arylesterase and silicon biotechnology. His myriad contributions to biocatalyst and metabolic engineering have set a high standard of technical excellence in the development of industrial biotechnology reflected in his many patents and scientific publications. Gregg serves as a nucleus for innovative technical development of process and product concepts. He has had substantial impact and continues to recruit outstanding new talent, scout for new technologies that matter and apply an open innovation mind set through a global network of collaborators and consultants.

“We have high expectations for Gregg’s future contributions to the Industrial Biosciences business and the field of industrial biotechnology,” noted Mike Arbige, vice president, Research & Development, Industrial Biosciences.