DuPont Burnside Plant Reaches Significant Safety Milestones

DuPont News, March 27, 2013
DuPont Burnside Plant Reaches Significant Safety Milestones


Employees at the DuPont Burnside, La., sulfuric acid plant have reached 23 years without a lost workday case and have gone four years without a recordable injury.

Tom Miller, Burnside plant manager, said reaching these significant milestones is largely the result of strong employee engagement and successful implementation of various DuPont safety best practices, including SafeStart. SafeStart emphasizes four behavioral states related to personal safety awareness - rushing, frustration, fatigue and complacency. These four states can lead to what SafeStart refers to as four critical errors that have the potential to result in injuries: eyes not on task, mind not on task, line of fire and balance/traction/grip.

To counteract these critical errors, the SafeStart program teaches employees critical error reduction techniques (CERT’s) that helps employees reduce the likelihood of errors occurring. The techniques and the errors they help prevent are:

  • Self trigger on the state – to prevent or avoid making the error
  • Analyze close calls and small injuries – to prevent big ones – learn from our OOPS!
  • Observe others for the state to error patterns - to avoid the risk, prevent complacency, recognize and intervene with co-workers
  • Work on our habits – to develop personal safety skills


Tom further credits the milestones to the full support of the site’s active safety, health & environmental (SHE) committee, operating discipline improvements and process safety management (PSM) program upgrades. He said employees are also continuously searching for ways to further collaboratively advance organizational SHE capability and recently formed a safety start point as part of the effort to implement a high performance work system (HPWS) at the plant.

“I am extremely proud of the initiative put forth every hour of every day toward excellent SHE performance by all employees at Burnside,” Tom said. “There are many hazards present at the site and the records achieved indicate a continuous commitment to zero”.