La Furta Wetlands on the DuPont Asturias Site Benefits Employees, Community & Environment

DuPont News, March 5, 2012
The Asturias plant site and the La Furta Wetlands.
The Asturias plant site and the La Furta Wetlands.


A wetland area restored by a DuPont Asturias site team recently celebrated World Wetlands Day, drawing members of the local community, employees and their families to enjoy the scenic landscape and wildlife.

Visitors saw grebes, spoonbill ducks, herons, pintails and gadwalls at La Furta, near Asturias, Spain, a site that had been lost to local agricultural use until DuPont’s 1994 restoration. Since then, La Furta has become an essential stop on the migratory route of many species of waterfowl and received a Wildlife Habitat Council Certification. Since 2003, it also has been designated one of Spain’s 68 Special Protection Areas for Migratory Birds (SPA).

The area is a refuge for a wide range of extremely rare birds.  Academics, prestigious ornithological groups and nature photographers visit regularly.  Through an agreement signed with the Carver Town Council, La Furta also opens its gates to groups from the community twice a week for visits led by guides who specialize in environmental education.  More than 7,000 people have visited the wetlands, coming from Spain and as far away as Romania, Italy and France.

DuPont’s La Furta restoration is part of its Safety, Health & Environment commitment to Conservation of Natural Resources, Energy and Biodiversity, which says we will seek to conserve and protect natural resource biodiversity and will manage our land to enhance habitats for wildlife.

World Wetlands Day is celebrated at La Furta every February. This year’s theme was “Wetland Tourism, a Great Experience.”