DuPont Indonesia Sites Recognized for Leadership in Productivity

DuPont News, March 14, 2012
Employees at the Pasuruan site celebrate Gold Medal Award.
Employees at the Pasuruan site celebrate Gold Medal Award.


The DuPont Surabaya and Pasuruan operating sites recently were awarded a “Gold Medal” by the Indonesia Manpower Department at this year’s annual “5S” competition. 5S is a production improvement system that increases efficiency through organization and cleanliness.

“We are very proud of the people at the Surabaya and Pasuruan plants for their commitment to sustaining 5S,” said Viskanto Adi Prabowo, site leader. “This is a prestigious award that strengthens DuPont’s reputation as a leader in operational discipline.”

The 5S competition recognizes the best and most organized companies in the East-Java province of Indonesia. Each company must demonstrate the results of their 5S efforts and ongoing maintenance. More than 50 companies competed this year.

Surabaya and Pasuruan first began practicing 5S during their implementation of the DuPont Production System (DPS) in 2010. The DPS leaders guided the operation teams through each step of 5S:

  • Sort – Sort through the entire work area and remove unnecessary items
  • Set in order – Organize and arrange items in the work area for ease of accessibility
  • Shine – Clean and maintain work areas
  • Standardize – Ensure consistency and simplified maintenance
  • Sustain – Continue to maintain standards and organization

Since then, the sites have eliminated wasteful inventory and created visual controls to quickly locate items and identify problems.

The Surabaya and Pasuruan plant sites are part of the DuPont Agricultural Products Indonesia (DAPI) operations for the Crop Protection business. Each site employs 78 full-time DuPont employees.