DuPont Innovation Center Opens in Mexico

DuPont News, March 9, 2012
Opening ceremony for DuPont Innovation Center in Mexico
Doug Muzyka, DuPont senior vice president and chief science and technology officer; Lorenza Martinez, Subsecretay of Industry and Commerce, Mexico Ministry of Economy; Eduardo Wanick, president – DuPont Latin America; and Jorge Cossío, president – DuPont


DuPont recently opened a new Innovation Center in Mexico City, which will provide an environment for our customers and partners to connect with 9,500 DuPont scientists, chemists and engineers located in more than 150 technical centers around the world. It will leverage the power of the DuPont global network, allowing us to collaborate with our customers, partners, governments and academia to meet Mexico’s growing needs in areas of food, protection and energy.

“It is exciting to see the progress that has been made to address the needs of the people of Mexico by tapping into the richness of DuPont science,” said Doug Muzyka, DuPont senior vice president and chief science and technology officer and former president, DuPont Mexico. “This new Innovation Center will help us develop new business opportunities both for local businesses and for DuPont.”

“The DuPont Mexico Innovation Center will provide a critical missing link in our ability to collaborate with direct and indirect customers and other innovators in Mexico,” said Eduardo Wanick, president, DuPont Latin America. “It will enhance our ability to put science to work to address the specific needs of society in Mexico and Central America.”

DuPont Innovation Centers will allow fast growing countries to find solutions that matter in their communities, countries and regions. “We are looking forward to helping our customers grow their business right here in Mexico,” said Jorge Cossío, president, DuPont México. “These centers are a new way of looking at innovation and collaboration to help our customers find solutions to their unmet needs so that new products can be developed and go to market faster.”

In addition to Doug, Eduardo and Jorge, those attending the center’s inaugural celebration included Lorenza Martinez, Subsecretay of Industry and Commerce for Mexico’s Ministry of Economy and more than 60 key business partners and members of the Latin America leadership team.

The Innovation Center in Mexico is part of the company’s global plan to create a worldwide network of innovation centers to develop new solutions together with our partners to address global needs. In addition to Mexico, the company has Innovation Centers in Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, India and Japan.

These centers will demonstrate the problem-solving might of private/public alliances, serve as a catalyst for growth and uncover unmet needs that will improve the lives of people everywhere.