DuPont Leader Named an Internationalist of the Year

DuPont News, March 27, 2012


Erich Parker
Erich Parker

The Internationalist magazine recently named Erich Parker, DuPont Strategic Corporate Communications director, as one of its “Internationalists of the Year.” Erich joins a list of 17 other global marketing leaders who have spearheaded exceptional brand positioning and marketing campaigns in recent months.

According to The Internationalist, this year’s winners “are truly at the heart of today’s outstanding marketing thinking and brand communications.” Known as a trusted source for international best practices in marketing and communications, The Internationalist reports on the business needs and challenges facing international marketing professionals who lead multinational brand initiatives.

“Erich brings tremendous energy, creativity and personal passion to his work,” said Mark Vergnano, executive vice president, DuPont. “His commitment to excellence and his leadership inspire employees of this company all over the world. I’m delighted that The Internationalist has seen what we in DuPont have known for a while.”

Over the past 18 months, Erich and the DuPont team have worked closely with BBC World News and National Geographic to bring DuPont’s corporate brand positioning to life in a number of ways, including the production of a series of mini-documentaries that tell the story of DuPont’s belief that science-based inclusive innovation is the framework for addressing and solving the big challenges that face the world today. These stories range from growing switchgrass as biofuel stock in Tennessee to affordable homes in Mexico to solar technology in the Middle East.

“The development and global rollout of DuPont’s brand positioning around inclusive innovation has been one of the most satisfying experiences of my career,” Erich said. “Last year, I was warmly welcomed into the stick-and-palm frond houses of farmers in Vietnam, accepted by the family of a salmon fisherman in Chile as if I were a favorite uncle, and greeted with smiles and hearty handshakes by graduate students studying energy conservation in the United Arab Emirates. Cultural and ideological differences aside, I was struck over and over again by their kindness and their hope for the future.”

At the awards ceremony, Erich closed with these words: “It is a privilege to help create this ongoing body of work and to lead a team of such talented professionals who are focused each day on crafting messages that resonate around the world. I’m a lucky guy.”

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