DuPont Leader Overviews 2012 Seed Research Pipeline with Investors

DuPont News, March 9, 2012


Paul Schickler
Paul Schickler

Innovative technology, local product advancements and a strong 2012 research pipeline have positioned DuPont’s seed business, Pioneer, for continued growth, Pioneer President Paul Schickler said at the Goldman Sachs Agricultural Biotech Forum on March 7.

“Global trends like an expanding middle class and rapid urbanization in developing economies are driving the demand for food and require constant innovation, global science and local solutions to feeding a growing population,” Paul said.  “Pioneer is dedicated to meeting these challenges and building upon our double-digit sales growth in 2011 with the Right Product Right Acre strategy.”

Paul presented the 2012 seed research pipeline that features five product advancements and three program additions as a result of last year’s R&D efforts.  With many advancing programs close to commercialization, Pioneer also received 39 regulatory approvals in 2011 and submitted another 34 documents pending approval.

“Our ability to innovate stems from our close relationships with growers as we look for new products and new ways to serve our customers,” Paul said.

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