DuPont Opens Seventh Innovation Center

DuPont News, March 21, 2012


Yesterday, DuPont opened a new Innovation Center with the goal of leveraging DuPont’s global science powerhouse to help meet local needs in Brazil.

The new Innovation Center provides an environment for collaboration with customers, government, academia and business partners to meet the growing needs in the areas of food, protection and energy throughout Brazil. DuPont has more than 9,500 scientists and engineers located in 150 technical centers around the world.

Tom Connelly
Tom Connelly

“Through our new Innovation Centers we will demonstrate the problem-solving might of private/public alliances, serve as a catalyst for growth and uncover unmet needs that will improve the lives of people everywhere,” said Tom Connelly, executive vice president and chief innovation officer for DuPont. “Our goal is that these centers will allow fast-growing economies to find solutions that matter in their communities, countries and regions.”

The Brazil Innovation Center is the seventh for DuPont. The company opened one earlier this month in Mexico and four others last year in Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and India. The first center, located in Nagoya, Japan, has been serving customers in the automotive industry since 2005. Interactions at these new centers already have created new opportunities for DuPont to help customers better serve consumers in industries such as food, consumer goods, automotive, agriculture and alternative energy.

“The DuPont Brazil Innovation Center will provide a critical missing link in our ability to collaborate with direct and indirect customers and other innovators in Brazil,” said Eduardo Wanick, president, DuPont Latin America. “It will enhance our ability to put science to work to address the specific needs of society in Brazil and South America.”

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