DuPont Celebrates 30 Years in Africa

DuPont News, May 9, 2012
DuPont is committed to building a world-class organization in Africa.
DuPont is committed to building a world-class organization in Africa.


Having first established an office in South Africa in 1982, DuPont celebrates 30 years of growth in Sub-Saharan Africa this year – an exciting milestone.

Speaking at a customer event in Johannesburg, Hartmut Reinke, director ─ Turkey, Middle East & Africa (TMEA), reinforced that Africa is the place to be for DuPont. He noted that the company identified South Africa as the nucleus for our journey into Africa, which began 30 years ago.  And over the years, our presence has spread steadily due to our focus on “going where the growth is.”

“We have invested in local infrastructure and capabilities to better serve our growing customer base – establishing a fully-fledged legal entity in South Africa and hubs in Nigeria and Kenya,” said Hartmut. “Today, we have more than 500 employees in South Africa alone and sales capability in 35 countries across Sub-Saharan Africa. We are realizing new business opportunities and believe that we have reached critical mass in this leading African market to grow beyond its borders.”

The continent is set to double its population to nearly 2 billion people by 2050 – more than 20% of the world’s population. Boasting seven of the 10 fastest growing economies in the world and an economy that exceeds a trillion dollars, the Sub-Saharan Africa region offers DuPont tremendous opportunities.

“Our eyes are on the prospects in Africa. The continent’s rapid population growth is leading to demographic changes, increased urbanization and a larger middle class,” Hartmut said. “We strongly believe that, in collaboration with our partners, we can bring appropriate solutions that will address the changing and growing demands while ensuring that our customers win in their markets.”

Carl Moyo, regional director for Sub-Saharan Africa said, “The next 30 years present unprecedented opportunities for DuPont in Africa, and we are committed to building a world-class organization that can win in this market. At the same time, we will ensure that the DuPont brand is top of mind for our partners, customers and stakeholders across the value chains in which we play.”