DuPont Innovation Jumpstarts Electric Vehicles’ Showroom

DuPont News, May 22, 2012
Better Place uses DuPont™ Corian® solid surface and eco-friendly wood.
Better Place uses DuPont™ Corian® solid surface and eco-friendly wood for continuous design lines.


Corian® solid surface materials can be found throughout the newly opened Better Place activity center in Hellerup, Denmark. The center offers visitors the opportunity to see how electric vehicles work and learn more about their environmental benefits.

Colombian designer Fran Sarria was so impressed by the versatility of Corian® that he is using it for all the electric vehicle charging stations being built throughout Denmark. Twenty stations already have been completed, with plans to continue in other countries.

At the Better Place showroom in Hellrup, the initial need was for flooring. The cars in the showroom were to be bright white, so a pure white floor color was polished to a high gloss to match.  But because the showroom is used daily for tours, it also was important that the floor be easy to maintain. DuPont™ Corian® solid surface can be polished and repaired if damaged and requires a minimum of cleaning products, which limits environmental impact.

"Fran Sarria is a very well-known designer living in Copenhagen, and not all of his visions seemed possible,” explained Helle Jensen of DuPont Building Innovations in Denmark. “He wanted a curved sliding door that curved seamlessly into the flooring as if it was all molded in one big piece. All our competitors rejected it, but fortunately we work with very skilled fabricators. The fabricator Dansk Boligstål a/s works with cruise ships and even the Royal Danish Vessel, so they understood the ideas and worked along with the designer for a fantastic finished result.”

Better Place is the leading global provider of electric car networks that enables the mass market adoption of electric cars through an innovative battery switch model that makes driving electric cars more affordable, convenient and sustainable than today’s petrol-based cars.