DuPont Among Leaders on 2012 Climate Innovation Index

DuPont News, May 31, 2012


Dawn Rittenhouse
Dawn Rittenhouse

DuPont is among the upper quarter percentile on Mapplecroft’s Climate Innovation Indexes (CIIs), the single most exhaustive study of the 360 largest multinational companies in the U.S. and how they manage and adapt to climate change, with a special focus on innovation.

Because climate change is one of the key business and economic issues of our time, companies that successfully innovate and manage climate-related opportunities and risks are better equipped to operate in this future growth environment. Maplecroft CIIs identify companies best positioned to take advantage of these new opportunities due to their innovations and partnerships. DuPont ranks 70th among the 360 largest multinational companies in the U.S.

“The CIIs are a valuable tool for investors looking to pick winners, as they identify the most resilient, most innovative and best positioned companies to gain competitive advantage in the new low-carbon economy," said Maplecroft's CEO, Professor Alyson Warhurst.

According to Maplecroft, DuPont is addressing energy and climate challenges in the global marketplace by developing and commercializing renewable, bio-based materials; advanced biofuels; energy-efficient technologies; and alternative energy products and technologies.

“This recognition of the work we are doing across our businesses to help reduce emissions and innovate solutions that help our customers and consumers reduce their emissions is great to see,” said Dawn Rittenhouse, director of Sustainability at DuPont.

Maplecroft rated each company against more than 100 criteria, including: technological innovation and new working practices to combat climate change impacts; management of climate-related issues; and adaption to physical climate-related risks, such as flooding or more extreme weather events throughout the supply chain and the reduction of GHG emissions.