Pioneer Launches Corn Hybrid P27 Gajah in Indonesia

DuPont News, May 25, 2012
An aerial view of the first elephant-shaped crop.
An aerial view of the first elephant-shaped crop formation in Indonesia, which was unveiled at the product launch event.


Pioneer recently launched its Pioneer® corn hybrid P27 as a top range hybrid seed corn product to be offered in Indonesia.  The corn produces superior ears with excellent grain filling and with the capability to produce strong stalks and sturdier root systems for improved performance in adverse weather conditions and low yielding environments – all important to the Indonesian agricultural industry. 

The P27 hybrid also is locally associated with the characteristics of an elephant – strong and dependable, not only for its size but also for staying power. For that reason, it was named P27 Gajah (elephant).

To complement the launch, an elephant-shaped crop formation was created at the field exposition location in Kediri. The formation was declared by the MURI (Indonesia Book of Records Museum) as the first of its kind in Indonesia. The achievement further helps strengthen farmers’ confidence in P27 Gajah for increased productivity, even under unfavorable planting conditions.

“The launch of P27 Gajah is another product demonstration of our commitment to providing increased farmer productivity and providing solutions for Indonesia’s food security program and beyond,” says Mardahana, country manager for Pioneer, Indonesia.

Approximately 3,000 farmers attended the launch event and learned about the benefits of planting P27 Gajah, as well as the proper agronomic practices for improved yield and productivity.