DuPont Spruance Site Hosts Key Military Visitors

DuPont News, May 16, 2012
Defense Contract Management Agency (DMCA).
Defense Contract Management Agency (DMCA) employees visited the DuPont Spruance site earlier this year.


The Defense Contract Management Agency (DMCA) recently visited the DuPont Spruance site for a tour of the Tyvek® manufacturing area and demonstrations of the Ballistics Testing Range, ThermoMan™ Lab and Tyvek® and Tychem® protective clothing.

The visit helped familiarize contract officers with typical manufacturing operations, highlight world-class practices -- efficient product flow, quality systems and standards for cleanliness and safety -- and show what vendor site inspectors encounter on a typical visit.

The visit was organized and led by Bill VanMullekom, who is the DuPont Protection Technologies market segment leader for Military Thermal. Several site operations and business leaders supported the visit by providing the welcome, security, tour, demonstrations, logistics and escorting of 22 individuals.

“I had hoped to impress upon several of our engineers the importance of these products and how they relate to our efforts in manufacturing, quality, supply chain and ultimately saving lives,” said DCMA Soldier Systems Sector Integrator Clayton Maddio. “You exceeded every expectation I had and really demonstrated the importance of your products to our people with great clarity."

DMCA is the Department of Defense (DoD) component that works directly with DuPont's Defense suppliers and customers to help ensure that DoD, federal and allied government supplies are delivered on time.  DuPont’s Kevlar®, Nomex® or Tyvek® Tychem® materials are found in military soft body armor, helmets, fire-resistant uniforms, chemical suits and military vehicles.